I will discuss my hourly rate with you when we speak.  Corporate rates run a bit higher.  Buying packages of time will reduce your costs.

Are there any hidden costs?

I charge travel time over 45 minutes in each direction at a lower hourly rate, in 15 minute increments.  Product is sold at cost.  Shopping time and long phone consults are charged at the same hourly rate as organizing services in your package.

Discount Packages

Buying a block of time has two advantages:

1) You receive a discount on the hourly rate

2) You’re essentially putting me on retainer, which strengthens your commitment to your organizing goals.

  • 12 Hour Package: Save $50
  • 20 Hour Package: Save $100
  • 30 Hour Package: Save $200
  • 40 Hour Package:  Save $300

Packages are non-refundable and hours must be used within 90 days of purchase.

A Word About Pricing: Buyer Beware

If you shop around, you will find a range of rates in the organizing industry from shockingly low to outrageously high.  My rate is in the middle, and very competitive for my level of experience.  This is not like hiring an plumber or an electrician where the skill set should be the same across the market, and it makes sense to hire the “cheapest”.  This is like hiring a therapist or a lawyer– you need to trust the person, trust their competence, trust their track record… and most of all, feel comfortable, because the work gets very personal… and it’s the inexperienced newbies who are charging the least.  You will get what you pay for in a professional organizer, so ask about their education and experience.  That said, you won’t get more talent by paying exorbitant rates.