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How to Make Your Organizing Resolution Stick

“Get organized”: statistics reveal that’s the #2 most popular New Year’s resolution after losing weight.  The bad news is, “organized” is not a place to “get to”.  It’s not a permanent state with a finite end, like reaching the top of Mt. Kilimanjaro, and then, whew!  You’ve done it.   Organizing is a PROCESS.  It’s a practice that is required throughout our lives.  The good news is, we can aspire to de-clutter until we get to Square One:  where every last corner has been sorted and purged, and the keepers are effectively stored.  At Square One, you’ll have a clear vision of your optimal state, so that maintenance is much easier going forward.   I know that’s a lofty goal, so how is that doable?   In this issue, and in the coming months, I will give you some basic guidance on how to reach Square One.   It starts with just one room, or one source of clutter, like overflowing bookshelves.  But it can be done.  So read on about how to jump start your organizing resolution by creating simple, short-term goals. 

So, you’re really sick of your clutter and you’ve resolved to organize this year?  Well, answer this question:  What could you accomplish—specifically—if clutter wasn’t’ standing in your way? Here’s a secret: if you attach your desire for order to a very specific outcome, and even better, you can pin a date/deadline to it, you will be far more motivated to stick to your resolution.   It’s good old-fashioned goal setting, but by breaking your goals down to more localized and immediate results with a defined payoff, then your overall, big picture goal is more attainable.  Here are a few examples of these kinds of goals you can create to get you motivated and on the road to simplicity:

  • I want to file my taxes by April 15th.
  • I want our Easter/Passover family dinner at my house this year (i.e. tackle living/dining rooms).
  • I want to be able to park my car in the garage before the next snow storm.
  • I want to clear out the junk room and set up the baby nursery (you’ve got a due date).
  • I want to list my house to sell by June 1st.

One client had me organize her garage as a happy surprise for her military husband who was returning from a deployment.  The before and after is below. Can you see what an impact it makes to attach de-cluttering to a specific goal, and how simple that is?  It’s very powerful, like planning a beach vacation and knowing you have X amount of time to get into bathing suit shape.  The goals you can create are many, and concretizing the process of de-cluttering in this way will help to get you kick started.

Many people would rather have a root canal than de-clutter, until the situation becomes untenable (then they call me), but if you do it once and do it well, the process will be easier for the rest of your life.  And if you truly transform your relationship to your “stuff” and commit to owning only what you need, use and love…  and create better habits and routines around managing it… then maintaining order is less daunting and time consuming.  Organizing is simply about culling and arranging your stuff  so that your space supports the life you want NOW and in the future.  And so that your space inspires; allows for function and productivity; and feels comfortable, tranquil and beautiful.  So, when are YOU going to get started?

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