As a Professional Organizer serving Boulder County and the greater Denver area, whether you’ve got a jumbled closet filled with clothes you never wear, a garage you can’t park in, a kitchen with cluttered counters or a desk piled high, I can make it functional again.

  • Residential De-cluttering
  • Storage Solutions
  • Offices- Business & Home
  • ADD, ADHD, OCD, Depression
  • Relocations & Senior Downsizing
  • Staging
  • Estates
  • Speaking/Seminars
  • Wardrobe Consulting


Residential De-Cluttering and Storage Solutions

Is your home chaotic? Are your closets and cabinets filled with unused items? Do you get depressed just walking through the front door? Do you have a garage you can’t park in? I’ll help you to overcome emotional obstacles to letting go of what you don’t need.  We can make your belongings work for YOU instead of your struggling to maintain them.  Once we’ve identified what you need, use and love and eliminated the rest without guilt, we’ll create effective, logical storage for what you keep.  I can shop for your storage products or advise you on what to buy.



Paper Management

If your business or home office contains a mountain range of papers, files, bills, receipts and magazines, you’re not alone.  In this information age, we all face an endless  stream of paper.  You need the skills to manage it so that you can take effective action… and say goodbye to putting out fires, missing deadlines, losing show tickets, paying late fees on bills.  I’ll create a custom designed paper management system for you (including filing and mail processing) that you can easily maintain.  I’ll help you to purge unneeded paper and avoid duplication.  It’s estimated that 80% of the paper we save will never be touched again.  When you eliminate the obsolete, you’ll be amazed at the increase in your productivity, focus and confidence.  Removing paper clutter creates the space for new ideas and business opportunities to bloom.



Chronic Disorganization:  Depression, Attention Deficit Disorder, OCD Hoarding

Along with the above mentioned issues, other problems that contribute to Chronic Disorganization include:

  • chronic illness/permanent disability
  • chronic pain
  • chronic fatigue syndrome
  • brain injury
  • dementia
  • anxiety disorder

Many inexperienced organizers don’t recognize these issues or don’t know how to handle them, and end up traumatizing the client.  I can spot an ADD client in seconds, and they are frequently undiagnosed.  It’s important that you hire an organizer such as myself who has studied these issues and is capable of addressing the disorganization with the unique skill sets/strategies appropriate to the situation.

Relocation & Senior Downsizing Assistance

Moving to a new home is nothing but headaches and backaches.  When you have to place a parent in a care facility, there’s heartache, too.  Leave the hard work to Hire Order.  My organizing team can book the mover, pack your house, and then unpack your belongings quickly and efficiently in the new home, saving you time and aggravation.  Moving involves lots of decisions in a short period of time:  What to keep?  Toss?  Give away?  Sell?  Hire Order will assist you in this decision making process.  Leave your inner pack rat behind and make a fresh start in your new home… with only what you need, use and love.




If you need to prep your house to sell, I can assist with de-cluttering, furniture rearranging, and accessorizing to update, modernize and neutralize the taste level to appeal to any buyer.  I will also make recommendations re. inexpensive upgrades (such as paint or curtains), furniture rental or removal, and other simple spruce-ups that will speed the sale of your property.





Estate Organizing

Losing a loved one is the most painful ordeal we experience.  It’s what got me into professional organizing.  The emotional energy you need to make decisions simply doesn’t exist.  But decisions have to be made, and often under time pressure.  What do you do with your loved one’s possessions?  What to keep, sell, give away, donate?  People in this position need compassionate assistance.  We will help you sift through the layers of your loved one’s possessions, handle any packing and shipping, refer you to reliable support services from estate sellers to housekeepers, and most importantly, offer support and empathy during this difficult process.



Speaking & Seminars

I am available to speak to groups of any size.  I have pre-packaged presentations and can also customize any speech or workshop to the needs of your group.  I’ve spoken at the Colorado Garden & Home Show, at Chamber of Commerce events, women’s business associations, churches and synagogues, non-profits, to mention a few.  I have also taught adult ed classes on Residential Organizing and Paper Management at Santa Monica College and the American Jewish University.




Wardobe Consulting

The Pareto Principle applies to our wardrobes:  we wear 20% of our clothing 80% of the time.   Hire Order can help you pare down the 80%  you don’t wear, and help you understand why you don’t wear it.   I’ll advise you on color, proportion, pattern, cut, fit, quality, and trends.  We’ll hone your wardrobe down to those favorite, flattering items that make you feel great– and current– when you put them on. Hire Order will also handle the consignment of sellable clothing– sometimes consigning can pay for the entire organizing session!  Does the thought of clothes shopping make you cringe?  Do you buy the same things over and over again because you can’t get outside your box?  Hire Order will also provide shopping assistance.