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Discretion: It was difficult for me to open my home and office to an organizer. But Lisa has always been discreet and respectful of the personal nature of the material with which she deals. Always a professional, Lisa continues to relieve me of so much stress with periodic maintenance appointments. She personalizes the systems to my family’s behaviors. Her assistance has enabled me to work so much more efficiently.
by Lynette Zickerman, Superior, CO

I am so glad I found Lisa Sarasohn at Hire Order Inc. I moved to this area from out of state, and for over a year I still had unopened boxes from the move. I started on my own trying to empty and organize the books, and getting my filing organized, and was just not able to figure it out. For most everything I pulled out of the box, it seemed it could be classified in several different ways. I committed to having everything organized in a very short time period, and further committed to finding a professional to help me reach the goal. I am so glad I found Lisa Sarasohn at Hire Oder Inc. Instead of just putting these away, she patiently explained why things should go in a certain order, and expounded on the first macro sorting, and then micro sorting – whether things, or paperwork. I will contact her again for my next organizing project without hestitation. Thank you Lisa.
by Richard in Longmont, CO

Working with Lisa Sarasohn was a tremendous boon to our business development department [for a major international law firm], and for me personally. Initially, Lisa worked with me on my own paper management skills, helping me to become a more organized, focused and productive leader. Subsequently, Lisa helped my 12 person department to prepare for a major office move, downsizing from 91 lateral file drawers to 45, while simultaneously creating a new filing system that enabled each staff person to easily maintain his/her own area of responsibility. I could not be more pleased with her professionalism, her approach, and the result.
Annine Madok, Former Director of Business Development @ Paul, Hastings, Janofsky & Walker LLP

Worth her weight in gold! Among other issues, I have ADHD and I’m a poster child for the organizationally challenged. For years I have been trying to clear up and corral my clutter, but it kept winning. Having had enough, I searched far and wide for a professional organizer. I chose Lisa because of all the potential organizers that I had found, she seemed the most knowledgeable and professional. The first session with her, I knew I had struck gold! Having worked with people with ADHD, she understood how our chaotic brains think and she knew exactly how to help me sort and toss piles of things that I had been agonizing over for, in some cases, years! She didn’t judge my chaos, but gently guided me through the numerous decisions that had to be made. She worked with me to find how I use my space and to organize it in such a way that suited my individual style and thinking. She has, literally, helped me to organize my entire house. Without her help, I believe that my clutter would have finally won the war.
by Laura P. , Lafayette CO

I hate filing! And as a carrier of the pack rat gene, I also hate throwing things away. But Lisa made both activities enjoyable. She took the time to understand me, my needs and my unique challenges. Lisa was patient, sympathetic, kind and fun. And she was tremendously effective. My office was an absolute disaster area. Now I can see my floor a gain and I have a filing system I can work with, which has made me much more productive. I couldn’t have done it without her.
by Don Cooper, The Sales Heretic, Denver CO

Lisa is very professional and personable. She is motivating to watch as she digs right into her work. She is great at encouraging and coaching clients through the process and helps them see the light at the end of the tunnel. I love her tips and advice. We’ve worked so well together on our first project that we hired her again to help with our basement. Lisa truly has a gift and it is obvious she loves what she does.
by Cynthia, Denver, CO

I have hired Lisa several times for various projects. She is efficient, ORGANIZED, helpful and friendly. She takes the stress out of very stressful situations. I strongly endorse her services for large or small situations. I had hired another organizer and was completely unhappy with this person: mainly due to the expertise I had experienced with Lisa, and the expectation I had for this new person to be as professional.
by Kathryn Eisenstein, Beverly Hills, CA

I’ve hired Lisa in the past to help me organize my office and my closets. What a great experience! It was not only gratifying to see the end result of all my clutter gone, my desk spotless, and my closets neatly organized, but Lisa was able to make the whole process fun and easy. She is thorough without making the process overly cumbersome. Lisa also offers organization tools to help you maintain your environment. I very much enjoyed working with Lisa and would highly recommend her!
by Deirdre Dalton, Boulder CO

I have known Lisa for the past 2 years now and have been amazed at her competence and professionalism that she brings to the table. She is a take charge business owner who knows the professional organizing industry inside and out. She knows how to take care of her clients while giving them valuable insights into their lives on how to clean up their world while changing their lives. I highly recommend her to everyone I know!”
by Major Brad Gallup USMC, USAF (Ret.), Niwot CO

My first experience with Lisa’s services was as a birthday gift for my daughter, a young mom with two active sons… she was incredible. Another baby boy later, my daughter had Lisa and her team move her to a new home. So when I began organizing my move from a residence of 27 years, there was no question about hiring Lisa. As a longtime business woman, with an extreme case of OCD, I can’t imagine why everyone wouldn’t use Lisa. She is competent, creative, hard-working, professional, and abundantly well organized. I moved from 12k to 6k, and she had me unpacked, organized, and enjoying my new home in 3 days. Unless your home is a well-oiled machine, you need Lisa’s skill and talent immediately.
Susan Pratt, Pratt Management Co., Longmont CO

I hired Lisa to help me organize my home office. At the time I was 4 years into being a freelance copywriter and my files and office were all over the place. Lisa sat down with me and we went though all my stuff, some of which I needed a gentle push to part with. By the end of our few days together I had a spanking new file and organizational system , which I still follow to this day. I can’t recommend Lisa highly enough for jobs such as this.
by Warren Goldie, Los Angeles, CA

I engaged Lisa to help me with a monumental task: to declutter and organize my entire household before a move (while I was pregnant with two small kids) and then to help me move into the new house. She had her work cut out for me as I’m embarrassed to say I am both a pack rat and disorganized. Lisa came in prepared, knowledgeable and loaded with ideas. She helped me really evaluate what I need and pointed out ways to streamline and increase efficiency. When I moved into my new house (with a new baby) she and her team completely moved me in, set up systems for staying organized and truly brought my life into a place where there is a place for everything! She is professional and dependable and I would highly recommend her to anyone looking to make positive changes in his or her life.
by nicolle, Longmont CO

I have lived with unopened boxes, in a room that I couldn’t even walk into, since I remodeled 3 years ago. I have a disturbing problem of not being able to throw away anything… the clutter had become so distressing, it was like a black hole that sucked my energy. Then an organizing angel named Lisa came into my life. Because of her, I’m on my way to reclaiming a lost room, and she’s taught me how to “let go” of all the unneeded baggage in my life… Thank you dear Lisa!
K.K., actor/writer, Hollywood CA

Lisa is an expert in the field of organization and very passionate about her work. Her approach is different then other Organizers I spoke to. She helped me to understand that organization starts with the individual – their lifestyle, state of mind and view of the “stuff” around them. After building a common ground of the way things are, she then helps to reset old habits and create new ones within a much more efficient environment. Sometimes the change can be a difficult adjustment but Lisa has worked with enough people to know what works and what doesn’t. I highly recommend Lisa for any personal or business organization project
by Matt R., Boulder CO

I run a consulting business from home. My house, storage shed, and office were bursting at the seams! There were so many boxes I was uncomfortable having people over. I took a class from Lisa and decided to hire her to help me sort through, organize and dispose of years of papers and “stuff”. Lisa is very understanding of my OCD behavior (hoarding and difficulty letting go). She enabled me to let go of things with little or no value or that could be easily replaced. She demonstrated sensitivity with sentimental items, particularly those that belonged to my recently deceased parents. Along the way, Lisa taught me techniques and encouraged new habits to keep the clutter out of my life. What I’ve paid Lisa is less than a mini-storage unit would have cost, and de-cluttering has lifted a huge load off my shoulders. Lisa is very professional, has mastered her craft, and stays at the cutting edge through books and conferences. I would recommend her to anyone who wants more order in his/her life.
Steven W., consultant, Los Angeles CA

Lisa is truly a gem. She is a great organizer. She is fun to work with, and helped to make an unpleasant task, enjoyable. Thank you Lisa for helping me start peeling the organization onion. I use what you taught me on a daily basis.
by Marisa Burt, Longmont, CO

I was fortunate enough to have Lisa’s help twice –when I did a major reorganization of my home office, and two years later when I had to quickly pull off a transcontinental move. In both situations, Lisa was invaluable to someone — me — who has been a life-long pack rat. She brought order to chaos, replacing fear with calm at stressful times in my life. The result — both times — was smooth sailing and heightened efficiency. There are those who talks results — and there are those who deliver. Lisa Sarasohn is definitely in the category of those who deliver, and for my money, she tops the list!
by Mark A. Kellner

Lisa calmed me down when I didn’t know where to begin organizing my garage sale. She also took charge after a death in the family, and not only helped clear out the clothing, but made arrangements for everything to be picked up. She knows instinctively what needs to happen, and like a miracle it all gets done. Whether it is a closet, a desk, or a garage, Lisa is the BEST person to call. I highly recommend her services.
Harriette Knight, Master Healer, Author – Valencia CA