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The “10 Things a Day” De-clutter Challenge

hoboWe are one month into the New Year.  How are you doing with your organizing resolutions?  If you google “10 things a day”, you’ll see that many people have challenged themselves to get rid of 10 things a day to live a simpler life.  I dare you to do it– for 30 days, and if you’re successful with that, try another 30 days.  As a professional organizer, I often encourage my clients in Boulder & Denver to start with the low-hanging fruit.  Below is a list of easy targets to help you meet this challenge.

 One other thing… in my last newsletter, you accidentally got the link for “The Story of Bottled Water” instead of “The Story of Stuff”.  I URGE YOU TO WATCH THIS VIDEO.  It may change the way you think about what you acquire forever.

  You can easily get rid of 10 of these a day and have 300 things gone in 30 days:

  1. expired batteries
  2. pantry items– old food
  3. fridge (I dumped 11 condiments)
  4. fridge magnets
  5. medicine cabinet
  6. makeup
  7. paper- files and desk top (I’ve recycled hundreds this month)
  8. magazines/catalogs
  9. books
  10. orphan socks or trashed socks
  11. wire hangers
  12. tupperware missing lids & vice versa
  13. least favorite coffee mugs
  14. kids artwork/schoolwork (not all are masterpieces)
  15. outgrown toys
  16. unused craft supplies (will tell you where to donate next post)
  17. unused office supplies (ditto)
  18. duplicate tools
  19. boxes
  20. orphan earrings
  21. greeting cards
  22. receipts
  23. photos (yes, you can)
  24. old towels
  25. extra buttons
  26. markers and pens that are dead
  27. cables/wires you don’t use
  28. old pillows
  29. manuals for stuff you don’t have
  30. floppy/zip discs
  31. t-shirts, especially freebies
  32. dried flowers, aka dust collectors

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