0 Comments | May 12, 2014

Who Wants My [ ___]? Donate & Do Good

So, you have items you’re ready to part with that need the right home… but what to do with them? Here are some charities that accept very specific items. If you need a professional organizer in Denver metro or Boulder County to help, call me!

Toiletries: Got half-used bottles of shampoo and lotion, or a big stash of hotel mini’s? Locally, the Bridge House, a homeless program in Boulder, wants them, or you can mail soaps to, which sends them to areas suffering with widespread diseases that can be contained via hand washing.

Techno-trash: Locally, there is Eco-Cycle in Boulder for most of your cables, computers, printers, phones, and cameras. Goodwill will still take most technology at no charge, but takes even your CD’s, DVD’s, VHS tapes and more. Visit their website for a complete list.

Garden Produce: connects overwhelmed backyard gardeners to local food pantries–and there’s an app for that!

Office Supplies: take a bite out of the average $500 teachers spend out-of-pocket each year. Contact Crayons to Calculators to find out what their underprivileged students need. (I donated 60+ binders last August!)

Blue Jeans: recycles your denim down to fire-retardant, eco-friendly insulation for communities in need, like the Gulf Coast after Katrina.

Wedding Dresses: It’s been 20 years, will your daughter ever wear it? Donate it to, a program that sells new & used dresses to help fund the wishes of metastatic breast cancer patients.

Soccer gear/cleats: contact for information on how to get your gear to communities in need around the world. Find a shipment location near you.

Shoes: Soles 4 Souls has given away around 15 million pairs of shoes to people in need globally. Find a drop box or ship to their warehouses at

Kid Flicks: Have the kids finally outgrown their cartoons? Four sisters are building family-friendly movie libraries at children’s hospitals and pediatric departments nationwide.

Crayons: And if they’re done with Disney, then… recycle crayons at, especially the stubs and broken pieces– they get re-made into new ones.

Stuffed Animals: many charities won’t accept used stuffies. (SAFE) will give them to traumatized kids who need them for comfort the most.

Children’s Books: helps build literacy by providing free, new and gently used books to underprivileged children who need them.

Please note re. kids stuff: It’s easier for kids to part with things if they know exactly who is getting those items. Get them involved in the process, even packing and mailing, and watch their enthusiasm for letting go of clutter grow!