Why Hire Order

A professional organizer doesn’t just help you clear up your chaos.  I want to help you create the life you envision.

Lighten your load and add lightness to your life.  Getting you organized isn’t about turning you into a neatnik.  My purpose is to help you create a level of order and simplicity that suits your tastes and lifestyle, a level you can confidently maintain,  in which you can live and work comfortably.  By identifying what you need, use and love and creating  places to store those items, your true priorities will emerge and you will develop a different relationship to your stuff.

Your life can be clutter free! My role is to be:

  • Your hands-on facilitator: gently moving you through the confusion of the sort & purge, while keeping you focused and on task.
  • Your reality check: keeping you honest about what you keep or toss.
  • Your personal trainer: rebuilding your decision-making muscle.  All your clutter is a result of postponing decisions and second guessing your choices.
  • Your creative problem solver: with endless ideas for new storage solutions, turning clutter into cash, rearranging furniture, and more.
  • Your resource: for all kinds of reputable service providers, charities, etc.
  • Your fresh eye: with no emotional attachment to your stuff.
  • Your  Clutter Coach: providing compassionate, judgment free insight to identify the source of your disorganization and appropriate solutions.
  • Your crow-bar: helping you get unstuck… gently.  Clutter is stuck-ness.
  • Your permission giver: allowing you to let go of what no longer serves you, without guilt.

Are we a good Organizer/Client fit?

  • Are you really ready for change?
  • Are you willing to trust the judgment of an experienced professional organizer? (12 years, 400+ clients…)
  • Do you understand the value of my services?
  • Are you committed to see the process through to the end?
  • Can you work steadily with me over time, whatever your time frame?
  • Are you capable of letting go of what you don’t need with the right support?
  • Can you handle the truth?  Will you choose to hold onto clutter-serving beliefs, or embrace a healthier relationship to your stuff?
  • Are you prepared to adopt new habits/rhythms?
  • Would you prefer a one-time kick-start appointment?
  • Would you like to create an ongoing relationship with “maintenance” appointments down the road if you need them?